The Apps We Use Everyday - ASoG 7

This episode of A Slab of Glass Chris and I share the apps we use every day to create and automate the things we make. If you’re looking for some apps to try out this is your episode!

If this isn’t your cup of tea, we have something very special coming next episode right before WWDC happens. I don’t want to spoil the surprise for you, but I am really excited to share this with you all in a couple weeks!

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Accessible 001: Massive Move

In celebration of Global Accessibility Awareness Day I wanted to showcase a new podcast by Steven Aquino and Timothy Buck called Accessible.

The podcast is by two Indie Bloggers that I admire and follow, and the podcast is all about the accessibility in tech.”

Accessible is a fortnightly—episodes are released twice per month—podcast about accessibility in tech. Topics covered on the show are mostly Apple-centric but will span the tech industry at large where appropriate.

Episode 1 was recently released, so you can listen to it now and be part of the beginning of another great tech podcast.

Congrats to the both of them and I can’t wait to see how this show blossoms in the future.


Playing D&D - GCU 14

This episode of Getting Caught Up Mike and I talk about D&D, specifically my experience joining a regular game. Mike explains his love for the game, and we go into a challenge for me in the future.

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Shopping List to Things - Workflow Wednesday

Greg Morris wrote a fantastic write up on how he manages his grocery list and puts it into Things 3.

As I slowly split my life into different sections, and live a life with different apps for home and work - Things 3 has become vitally important. It takes a more relaxed approach than Todoist and allows me to remember things to do but not feel stressed about them.

So I’ve put together a simple Workflow to place a list of items I need into a checklist in Things 3. This can be launched from the Today widget so you can type in all the items, just tap return between them. Or more often than not my wife will text me a list or put it in a shared Apple Note, I can simply highlight the list and share it to the Workflow.

Image from gr36.comImage from gr36.com

You can download the Workflow and try it out yourself. Greg goes on to explain you can use this as any list-to-Things 3 system as well, you just have to change a thing or two.

All you need to do is change the question in the ask for input action where it says where are you going” to a more relevant question for the list you wish to make.

Also, if you aren’t reading what Greg is writing on his website, gr36.com, you’re missing out. He also has a podcast as well you can subscribe to.


A Confession I Have To Make

Tablet Habit has been a place for me to write about the iPad for a little over six months. I’ve gained a lot of friends and readers in that short time.

But I have a confession to make:

I am no longer iPad Only

When I started Tablet Habit it was partly made because I wanted to show that you can go iPad only if you wanted. I wanted to stick it to all the journalists and bloggers who say you can’t do real work” on an iPad. I wanted to make this about the tool, and not the product.

I started using my Macbook Air again, and I love it. Tablet Habit was a way for me to show how you can get by with an iPad and be iPad only like me. With that said, I had some gripes about the iPad, and it not offering certain things I wanted in a computer. That is 100% my personal taste and in no way me saying the iPad isn’t a great option for people who aren’t super picky like me. I love my iPad and will continue to use it every single day for a lot of my work, but not for everything.

I record and edit podcasts, handle cloud storage files, write in markdown, and edit my website CSS. All that is possible on the iPad, but there are some Mac apps I prefer that aren’t accessible on the iPad. Some of it because no one has made it into an iOS app. Some because of the sandboxing iOS has implemented (like recording a podcast on iOS).

I also had issues with finding a solution that would allow me to work on my iPad with a keyboard while on the couch. The Logitech Slim Combo is a big fat atrocity, and the Apple Smart Keyboard is too compact. The MacBook Air was built for your lap and can be handled while I’m on the couch or somewhere where a desk isn’t available.

Because of these small, but important, issues I decided to brush the dust off my Macbook Air and see if it solves my problems. Without a doubt it was, and I couldn’t be happier with my decision to crack this baby open and see what it could offer.

All this isn’t to talk down about the iPad, I want to make that clear. I love my iPad, it is a great machine, and I encourage a large amount of people to look into it if they are looking for a new computer. It handles so many things well, some even better than the Mac.

Now, this site will be a place for me to share feeling on Apple, iOS, productivity, of which were topics before, it now includes the Mac. The occasional post that isn’t about productivity or tech will pop in and say hello every so often as well. This is my blog, I own every pixel in it. I want to remove any restraints I have when it comes to sharing my feelings and thoughts on something I am passionate about.

Things That Won’t Change

I still plan to write every Wednesday and share Workflows that I find interesting. Workflow continues to be one of my most used apps in iOS and I have a lot of things I want to share about it.

My weekly newsletter is also not going away either. I will still send it every week to my subscribers and give exclusive access to future projects and content. So if you aren’t a subscriber you can change that today by signing up.

What’s Next

I will still be writing content and sharing it on my blog for you all to consume and enjoy. Blogging is something I love to do and want to continue that for a long time to come. It won’t be exclusively about the iPad anymore.


Day One Course by The Sweet Setup

What’s In My Day One (2018 Edition):

I recently shared that if there were one single app I could hope to encourage folks to start using, it would be Day One.

Journaling has so many benefits, and Day One is an app that has made it easier and more enjoyable for me to maintain my journaling habit for years and years. In my little slice of the world it’s this app that serves one of the few that can be used to genuinely change and improve your life.

This post really got me thinking about what kinds of things you can do with Day One, and made me reinstall it on all of my devices. I guess I’ll report back after I try this course by Shawn.

Shawn Blanc is one of those guys that I buy products from on day one (no pun intended). He has made great courses for Ulysses and Things 3, and Day One has been on my list of apps I need to use more. So I’ll be buying his course come May 22nd for sure.

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