Shopping List to Things - Workflow Wednesday

Greg Morris wrote a fantastic write up on how he manages his grocery list and puts it into Things 3.

As I slowly split my life into different sections, and live a life with different apps for home and work - Things 3 has become vitally important. It takes a more relaxed approach than Todoist and allows me to remember things to do but not feel stressed about them.

So I’ve put together a simple Workflow to place a list of items I need into a checklist in Things 3. This can be launched from the Today widget so you can type in all the items, just tap return between them. Or more often than not my wife will text me a list or put it in a shared Apple Note, I can simply highlight the list and share it to the Workflow.

Image from gr36.comImage from gr36.com

You can download the Workflow and try it out yourself. Greg goes on to explain you can use this as any list-to-Things 3 system as well, you just have to change a thing or two.

All you need to do is change the question in the ask for input action where it says “where are you going” to a more relevant question for the list you wish to make.

Also, if you aren’t reading what Greg is writing on his website, gr36.com, you’re missing out. He also has a podcast as well you can subscribe to.

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