Add a New Task to Things 3 - Workflow Wednesday

For this edition of Workflow Wednesday I am keeping things in Drafts 5. I have been going all-in with Drafts 5 and one thing I absolutely love is the ability to make Drafts whatever kind of app you want.

It can be a Task management app, like this workflow shows, or a writing app as I have been using it recently. The versatility and power this app can’t be overstated enough. It is crazy what people have come up with it.

Matt Birchler of Birchtree.me has made a very easy way to add tasks with the specific things you want in it very easy with Drafts.

Matt Birchler’s Drafts 5 List:

The task name must always be on the first line. Additional info needs to be prefixed by a set number of strings followed by a space:

  • “at” or “@“ are for due dates (using Things’ smart time parsing, so “10am tomorrow” works)

  • “tag” or “tags” are for tags

  • “deadline” or “dead” are for deadlines

  • “list” is for projects/lists

  • “note” or “-“ (dash) will create a note

  • All lines that don’t match up with a prefix listed above will be assumed to be a note

He goes on to present this example:

Buy some milk
at 8am tomorrow
list grocery

Creates a task to "Buy some milk" due tomorrow at 8AM on the Grocery list/project and a note to buy "2%" milk

You can download the Drafts Action, and if you want more check out Matt’s post or go look at the multitude of automation options for Drafts (an many more apps) over at Automation Orchard where I found this one.

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