Jison Leather Pouch Bag Review

When Apple announced they were making sleeves for the iPad Pro I was excited. That excitement was then promptly squashed when I saw the price. I understand Apple wants to be seen as a luxury tech company, but spending over $100 on a sleeve for an iPad is a little much if you ask me (and most likely everyone else).

Soon after the announcement, and disappointment with the pricing of them, the idea of having something to put my iPad in besides a backpack left my brain. That was until Jison Cases reached out to me and offered to send me a case of theirs to try. I immediately wanted to try their iPad Pro sleeves with built in Apple Pencil pouch. It reminded me of the sleeves Apple released last year, except for a minor fraction of the cost.

This microfiber leather sleeve feels of supreme quality. I wasn’t expecting such a premium case from Jison since the price point was so low, but it is a welcome change to the lower-priced cases and sleeves I see on Amazon’s best-selling list.

The sleeve is made specifically for the iPads they advertise for, and it is perfectly snug if you put it in there naked.” I had a Smart Cover on my iPad Pro and it fit in there okay with a little force, but when I took the cover off it was clear that this was made with the exact specifications of the iPad in mind, with little room for more. So if you want to use the sleeve with your Smart Keyboard or a case it will have to be stored elsewhere in your bag.

I hope that Jison does make a case with a little more room in the future to accommodate for those people, but honestly I am more than happy to use mine as is since I use the Apple Magic Keyboard as my keyboard of choice.

But Jeff,” you may be asking, how do you prop it up without a Smart Cover?!” The answer comes from the Jison case, it is also a stand.

That’s right, this case has the ability to fold up, similarly to the Apple Smart Cover, and be used as a way to prop up your iPad. This can allow your iPad to sit up at a great viewing angle in both landscape and portrait mode if you so choose.

The best part? It has a magnetic connection when folded up so you don’t have to worry about it unfurling or collapsing on itself when you are using it to write, draw, or play games on. You can press on the screen without being a gentle giant with it.

The slot where the Apple Pencil goes acts as a bracer for the bottom of the iPad to push onto to prevent from slipping. Honestly, this sleeve’s versatility and functionality is impressive.

The Apple Pencil slot is also of great design as it holds on to the Pencil fairly securely but it has enough give to allow for the Pencil to be removed without much fight. It has a plastic topper to act as a barrier for the Pencil to prevent from sliding out of the sleeve. I did some testing with my Apple Pencil in the sleeve giving it a really good shake and the Pencil didn’t budge at all. It isn’t going anywhere unless you want it to.

This sleeve by Jison has a lot going for it and I am extremely happy to have one of my own to use. Everything about this has both form and function and that is something that it rare at the $20 price point it will cost you.

You can get you hands on a sleeve like this one over at Amazon, Aliexpress, or their official website.

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