4 Things You Can Do with Your Old iPad

As we all know, it’s been some time since Apple pulled the plug on supporting the original iPad. With the last update it received being from the iOS 5 era, one would think that the original behemoth is nothing but an expensive paperweight. But, think again! While it may be particularly difficult to find apps that still support the device there are quite a few things that can still be done with it. Here are just a few things we came up with.

Music Player

The biggest use that I still get out of the iPad is music, something extremely simple and easy to pull off. If I am in a music mood and my other tablets are dead or are dying I plug it into my sound system and rock out! Since the tablet is no longer supported by most apps that are around today, most of my music comes from my own personal library and I just loaded them on via iTunes. Aside from that this iPad, mine at least still has a pretty decent battery life.


Sometimes I like to surf the web or post to Facebook before bed and even though it might be a little slow at times it gets the job done. It’s also great for emails, watching a few YouTube videos, and even catching up on your e-books! I check my emails and browse social media via Safari but I do most of my reading on the Amazon Kindle app.


Because I usually leave my iPad on my nightstand I sometimes use it as an alarm clock! I went and purchased a metal frame from my local dollar store, something kind of similar to this MoKo stand, to prop it up on and downloaded the Nightstand Central app, one of the few still supported by the original iPad. While you can’t wake up to your favorite song you can still wake up to several other soothing sounds provided by the app itself.


Another great use that I get out of the device is a place to store a few photos. While you can’t  necessarily store much, you can add a few recent vacation photos to the iPad and have it be a digital photo album to pass around with friends and family. For this, I simply use Apple’s Photos app that ships with the iPad.


With all of the above being said, it’s pretty obvious that you can still squeeze a bit of use out of that 1st generation iPad that’s sitting in your nightstand drawer collecting dust. We’d love to hear how our Tablet Habit readers still manage to use their old iPads, sound off in the comments section and let us know how you still use your yours!

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